Sunday, June 14, 2015


A while back I had the pleasure of going to an event at LUBLU by Kira Plastinina. Kira is a fabulous designer who now has stores all over the world with her bright 70's inspired designs. She graduated from SMU here in Dallas and decided to open a location here recently. All of her collections come directly from Moscow and all have a fairy-tale like story behind them. 

To the event I wore a 1950's Henry-Lee design, Christian Dior belt, houndstooth heels, vintage beaded bag, and vintage jewelry.

The store was very beautiful and had the vintage vibe that I love. Speaking of which, LUBLU means "I love" in Russian. You can check out more of her creations at

All of her designs were so unique and well made. This blue dress is what caught my eye below. It is so old Hollywood. I wish I could wear it, but unfortunately my legs are two feet too short. 

Here I am photographed with the gorgeous models and my beautiful friend Eneida to the far left. I would like to thank her for inviting me and giving me such great advice, "the only person that can ruin your reputation is you." 

I had such a fun time with everyone. Overall, a fantastic night.