Friday, August 21, 2015

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

When set with the dilemma of facing a hot summer night and trying to figure out what to wear for an occasion, we often find ourselves lost in our closets and left with a mess of confusion. What to wear without sweating to death? Well, with you can beat the heat at an extremely low price and find just the piece to wear in 100 degrees. Instead of the go to little black dress, go for the little blue dress! This dress that I am wearing can also be considered a great transitional piece into Fall. You can find it at

As Summer is nearing it's end I am taking this time to look back and reflect on all the great moments I've had so far. Summer to me is the little road trips, visiting new cities, antique stores, making great memories with my friends and those who I am close with. Summer is the feeling of wind in your hair and the sun on your skin as you lay by the water. Summer is a freeing feeling that takes your mind off all responsibilities and worries while you are doing something fun that you love. -from my Lookbook contest entry at

My next and special feature is from They have gorgeous statement pieces that will be sure to make your outfit pop! I love their rhinestone Agatha necklace found at It has a classic and elegant look emulating my all time favorite movie star, Marilyn Monroe.

You can use the discount code 'erin10', valid now through next year, to receive 10% off your purchase!

(Here is an accurate representation of how I feel about rhinestones featuring Marilyn herself.)

One of my favorite hair accessories is using a vintage headscarf to complete a look. It really helps for those bad hair days and also looks good with some curls under it as well. 

It's the details that help bring an outfit together beautifully. Without accessories we would all lack originality. 

My gloves, fur. and beaded bag are all vintage. Who said you can't wear fur in the summer? It can be a glamorous accessory to capture an old Hollywood vibe. Just make sure you don't decide to go with the coat but rather a stole. 

Thank you to Micha Store and New Dress for a perfect combination!

I was very inspired by Marilyn Monroe with the necklace featured so I suppose I should share with you what inspired my title. Here is my all time favorite scene of her singing Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. (I actually performed this in high school but let's not bring that back.) 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Million Dollar Mermaid

On a Sunday morning it's nice to relax by the lake, (before it reaches 100 degrees), and get some sun in a vintage swimsuit, hat, and my new favorite sunglasses from I adore Polette's sunglasses. They come directly from France and are all so beautifully well made, making you feel glamorous in every outfit. You can find this pair at this link: They are perfect for my vintage taste.

This swimsuit isn't any ordinary swimsuit. It's origin is of 1950's Hollywood. Made famous by Esther Williams, Cole of California was seen everywhere, turning your body into a perfect hourglass shape while you lounge beachside or poolside. West Coast Manchester Knitting Mills is where it all began with the Cole family business. Fred Cole was the son who had made a career of acting in the 20's but soon decided to join his family's company. West Coast began as a men's underwear company, but Fred Cole wanted to take a different approach than that of his relatives. He grew bored with making underwear and decided to create iconic swimsuits that all of Hollywood could appreciate. He partnered with Margit Felligi from 1936-1972 making her head designer of the company. Known for making the use of Lastex, spandex, and nylon the new norm, she changed the way the industry produced swimsuits.

 She is also known for designing all of Esther Williams swimsuits used in her aquatic films, making her the face of the brand in the late 40's/50's. 

“Here’s the perfect suit for real swimmers… the best I’ve ever worn. It will really do something for your form – in or out of the water.” -Esther Williams

Promoting Million Dollar Mermaid in 1952, Esther Williams wears the famous gold lame' suit designed by none other than Margit Felligi of Cole of California. 

Here's a beautifully choreographed scene from Million Dollar Mermaid, featuring Esther herself.

 Cole of California is still running today and now partnered with it's sister company designed by Fred Cole's daughter, Anne Cole.

Here are my lakeside essentials: 1940's hat probably made by a local milliner, Via Spiga heels, vintage wicker bag, black lace parasol, and of course, the chicest glasses from Polette.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Betty Crocker

On a relaxing day at home, with nothing to do, why not bake? For me home is where I can be myself and dress up how I like. My world revolves around vintage and I can't help it if sometimes I like to pretend I'm in the 50's and put on some swing dance music. Of course, while wearing a dress from! They helped me put together the ultimate Betty Crocker shoot to enter into Lookbook's #Welcomehomelookbook contest. Featured in this look we have a vintage apron, Better Homes and Garden cook book from 1953 that belonged to my grandmother Dot, 1950's Pyrex bowls, with Betty Crocker utensils. 

I just love the illustrations used in the cook book. They were adorable and girly, making you happy to bake!

Some people may be surprised to know that Betty Crocker was a fictional character made up by the company Washburn Crosby (early General Mills), starting in the early 1920's. They chose the name Betty for it's happy and fun American ring and "Crocker" was derived from the last name of one of Washburn Crosby's directors, William Crocker. 

The woman who started it all was Marjorie Husted. Through being an intelligent businesswoman she sought after giving the company an image that would later turn into an icon. 

The first cooking show that was ever aired, starting on the radio was "The Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air", beginning in 1924. The woman who played the original real life Betty Crocker was Agnes White, which launched her into anonymous stardom, running a 20 year contract eventually with NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Here is an early 1950's Betty Crocker commerical featuring the woman who later on portrayed her from 1949-1964, Adelaide Hawley Cumming. She is the one speaking near the end. 

Betty Crocker became more and more popular throughout the years and you can find her name in any grocery store. I chose to do a 50's style shoot with the famous red accents of the brand. With the pop of the red from my dress, it helped pull together the pinup style that I love. You can find this dress at New Dress at this link

As you can see I had a fun and fabulous time, and made some blueberry muffins. The legacy of Betty Crocker lives on with us every day!