Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Pretty Reckless - VIP + Concert

Last night felt like a dream for me. I had purchased tickets back in June for The Pretty Reckless as soon as they went on sale, and I bought VIP passes. Taylor Momsen is one of my favorite singers and one of the few people I am a huge fan of. I love her style and I love the her band. They are all so very talented and put on the best show I have yet to see. Words cannot explain my excitement I still have even now that it's over. It's one of those nights you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Here are pre-show photos of the looks of the night. Featured above is a necklace designed and constructed by myself. My father and I decided to go with the Led Zeppelin theme.

Lace tights were the only way to go for this concert. They were majorly trending a couple years ago, but I don't really care for trends so I am just now wearing them.

The line waiting to meet the band was an adventure on it's own. After waiting for two hours you end up becoming friends with everyone, which thankfully distracted myself from hyping myself up too much about meeting Taylor Momsen.

So this happened. They are just a very chill group of people. Since there was so many people waiting in line I didn't have a chance to say hardly anything to them. Just sit down, take the picture, get up, and leave. But I did have the chance to say "nice seeing you guys, can't wait to see your show", followed by Taylor saying "thanks, I love your outfit", so i returned the compliment. That alone coming from her made my night already.

The first opening band was Falling Through April. I am new to them but I can now say that they are really good. They have a nice classic alternative sound to them.

 The second band that opened was Adelita's Way. There were many people there for them. I am also new to them but have heard of them before. They put on an amazing show and have a very similar sound to The Pretty Reckless. I really recommend listening to them.

Finally... The show I came for started. The one and only, Taylor Momsen.

Here is the video I shot of Make Me Wanna Die. I took it with my phone so the quality sucks. But I screenshotted some stills of it here:

The night was the best I have had in such a long time. It was a moment of true happiness that I will always smile when I look back on. Taylor put on such a fantastic show. I even made some friends in the first row.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Fashionistas: Featuring Nicky Hilton

Last night was a very special night here in Dallas. I had the honor of meeting Nicky Hilton at a book signing of her new book, put on by The Fashionistas at Belk. It was a fun night of saying hello to old faces and getting to know new ones. Meeting Nicky was a plus. Everything in my look is vintage besides my silver pointed toe heels, from Target.

Let me start off by stating the obvious: Nicky Hilton has amazing style. But this is about more than that known fact. Hilton's new book "365 Style" is not exactly how to dress like Nicky Hilton, or how to dress a certain way, it's more of finding your own personal style and the essentials to put that together. That's how she came up with the 3-6-5. The 3 stands for three different lifestyle components, 6 stands for six different clothing staples, and 5 stands for the five must have accessories per season.

The Fashionista's very own fabulous LeeAnne Locken was lucky enough to get a Q&A with the blonde beauty. Nicky discussed what pieces work for just about anyone from casual wear, to holiday or event wear. She covererd her own thoughts on style and how she puts together her own signature looks (which is all styled by herself). Something that stood out to me was Nicky's "blacklist", which include staples in black that every woman needs, which will never go out of style. The blacklist contains a black bandage, or pencil skirt, black blazer, black jeans, the iconic lbd (little black dress), and black flats/heels.

At the end of the night, I had my very own copy signed by now MRS. Hilton, who happens to be newly engaged to James Rothschild, by the way. She is so kind in person and was such a pleasure to listen to throughout the night. Photo credit goes to my good friend QC, an extraordinary photographer.

Here are pictures taken during the event:

At the members only party before the Q&A and book signing, Nicky mingled among Dallas' most fashionable group of people. The whole night was filled with smiles and laughter, and will be one memorable night.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Runaway

This is a confusing time of the year trying to pick out what to wear. Is it still Summer? Or is it Fall yet? Well to answer your question, Fall doesn't officially start until the 22nd. Therefore, you can start mixing in fall colors into your end of summer wardrobe. My casual wear is always geared towards the 50's. It is the easiest to pull off to also get that Mad Men vibe to an outfit. 

My gloves, sunglasses, and shirt are all vintage. My skirt is from The Limited (a great store to get business wear). My shoes are Etienne Aigner pointed toe slingbacks. Why am I wearing white after labor day? Why am I not is the question. For those of you who still follow old school rules of certain fashion policies, you should loosen up and break out some white pieces to mix in this Fall.