Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time Keeps Rolling On

Another year, another 12 months of looks to come! My last look of 2014 is special for many reasons. Every woman should own suit attire. Whether it be for business wear, or going out wear, a suit can fit for almost any occasion. Designer Alyssa Nicole launched a Lookbook contest for best black and white tuxedo inspired looks. Her website features some great simplistic looks with modern and clean lines. I would die to own a piece of hers, being the fan of black and white that I am. 

 Many modern designers and I look to the classics for inspiration, such as vintage YSL Le Smoking collections. Starting in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent created the Le Smoking tux. Of course, back in the 60's, not many women dressed masculine. Thanks to YSL, this was launched into pop culture and became the new normal, thus the beginning for all women's pantsuits. 

Something that not many women do while wearing suits is add a pop of color with a pocket square. There are many different ways you can fold it. Here is a very useful photo to look at to help you find the style fold you want to go with:

I added the pop of red with the pocket square, my heels, nails, and lips. I love all black and white, but sometimes we need a pop to set us apart from the rest of the crowd. 

This white blouse is by one of my other favorite classic designers, Diane von Furstenburg. I love the tuxedo style of it and how well fitted it is. 

You can't go wrong with vintage rhinestone earrings.

Or vintage red satin heels.

To finish off the look, a vintage inspired photo. 

Have a wonderfully fashionable New Year!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Emerald City

This post has got to be one of my favorite outfits I have yet to do. It holds a lot of significance for me and this dress has already created some wonderful memories. It is from a beautiful, unlike any other, vintage inspired store, Queen of Heartz at They have the most gorgeous dresses that will transport you back in time. Letty Tennant is the talent behind all the designs you will find. She can transform anyone into a pinup dream with her pieces. 

This particular dress that I'm wearing is the Brenda found at I love the emerald color, which happens to be perfect for the holiday's. With some red lips, you can look completely classic for the vintage look. 

This stunning vintage fur coat is by Jacques Saint Laurent, a great thrifted find.

Featured is this vintage luggage that I am obsessed with. If I were to actually go back in time and travel on this train, this by far would be my travel must haves: my hat box, makeup box, and suitcase for my furs and dresses.

Once again, I am featuring another item from I absolutely love their thigh highs with the lace at the top. Black seems to go with everything, and worked perfectly with this look. The link to them is

This was my first attempt at trying to create victory rolls. It wasn't a complete success or fail. I always like to add my cat eye, red lips, and a lot of mascara. Extenuating your natural features is what I like to do. We live in a world that gets confused as to whether we should be looking completely natural without makeup, or looking completely glamorous like we are red carpet ready. I like to find a balance between those that is a simple routine that I stick with. If we want to feel like a lady, and feel beautiful, there is nothing wrong whatsoever by wearing makeup to make you feel good.

An old Hollywood glamour post wouldn't be complete with white opera gloves. The fit of these is slightly different than what you would usually find. They are very fitted until they get to the top and flare out. I am a big fan of different and one of a kind type pieces from antique stores.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Retro Rendezvous

Holidays are about making a statement. Yes, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and so on, are important. But, what's also important is leaving an ever lasting impression with your holiday get-up. Let's not be so cliche as to show up with that red dress you wear to every holiday party. Lucky for me, I am bound to make an impression with my dress from Heart of Haute at

Being the vintage lover I am, I fell in love with this store. The fit of all their dresses is the style that I obsess over. If you like retro, this is the place for you. 

This particular dress that I have the honor of featuring is the 'Milan' in 'Regency Smoke' found at this link: I loved how it was absolutely perfect for the winter. Also, perfect to pair with a vintage fur and an antique broach.

My hat and gloves are of course vintage. You can never go wrong with a veiled hat, a must have for me. 

My bag is vintage Chanel, and I am wearing a pair of old dance shoes. 

My favorite part about this dress is the amazing swing and flare it carries. 

My next feature is to the great legwear company that will have the perfect addition to any outfit to make your legs stand out. has many tights and pantyhose to offer, that even in Winter, you can still wear your favorite dresses. I am wearing the Lace Top Thigh Highs in Charcoal found at

My last feature are these beautiful silver floral earrings from

I got them for a steal at just two dollars at this link:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Having owned this black lace parasol for so long now, I felt the need to do a cemetery photoshoot. I enjoy drama and telling stories through photos, and that just so happens to be my goal with this. I love vintage suits, and this green gingham one transferred me back to the 40's. I was lucky enough to find it in perfect condition for 10 bucks at a thrift store. Pairing it with black accents seemed to fit perfectly for the look I wanted to go for. 

This cape is from, a great online store for street, vintage, chic, or almost any style you can think of. I loved the old look of it and the buttons on both sides for versatile ways of wearing it. It's a must have for the chilly seasons and is such a timeless piece, I highly doubt it will ever go out of style. The link to it is

My second feature of this post goes to these awesome tights from I love the wide back seam, which you do not see too often. It was the perfect addition to this outfit for needed vintage flair. With a back seam, it can elongate your legs with anything you wear it with. The link to these is:

Of course, I couldn't have done a post like this without some antique edits.

I love old hats with veils attached to them, which also added the dramatic funeral type effect I was going for. Having quite the vintage hat collection, it can be tricky to incorporate them into daily wear sometimes. I have been able to wear this to go out to a play and to dinner so far. Bringing pieces like this back is extremely important to me to be able to show that we can still wear old sophisticated pieces, feel classy, and look our best. Just because it isn't "trendy", doesn't mean it's off limits to us.

My inspiration for this shoot comes from a very unlikely source, Katy Perry. I am not the usual fan, but her music video "Thinking of You" has always been one of my favorite music videos. At the end of the video she wears a beautiful funeral outfit, also toting a black lace parasol. I didn't want to copy her exactly, but it's obvious how inspired I was. 

Here is the music video to see all the gorgeous 40's styled outfits worn by her. The video also has a great story line. Check it out!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Peabody Hotel

Another on location shoot here in Memphis brought me to the beautiful Peabody Hotel. With it's history as long and extensive, almost as the Opheum's, it was the perfect spot for another vintage shoot. Like the Orpheum, it was built in the 1800's, torn down, then rebuilt in the 20's. It has seen the likes of just as many celebrities and iconic figures itself. 

Above is the lobby shortly after it was built in the 20's (Both photos from

A famous tradition found at The Peabody Hotel are the ducks that walk along the red carpet into the fountain each day at 11 a.m. This ritual started back in the 30's when the general manager Frank Schutt, and his friend Chip Barwick came back from their hunting trip in Arkansas. They didn't have much luck and returned with their ducks. So, after having a bit too much to drink, they thought it would be funny to put their live ducks into the hotel lobby's fountain. Ever since then, people found it to be quite amusing, and so the tradition stuck. 

Later on in 1940, Edward Pembroke of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, who was a wild animal trainer, became the official "Duckmaster". He continued for the next 50 years. Today the ducks live in the Peabody in their own rooftop suite, for only 3 months at a time, until they are released back into the wild. They have even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

The hotel has been a place of many events and occasions. On one occasion, Elvis was spotted there with a date at his senior prom.

The special feature of this post goes to my fabulous leather bag courtesy of Urban Safari, based out of London. This isn't just any normal leather satchel. It is so much more important than that. There is endless details, not commonly paid attention to, with these individual pieces that not many bag companies understand anymore. They believe in doing things the old fashioned way, (which we share in common). They use real goat hide to bring these to life. It makes the bags durable to be used for a long time, plus it ages beautifully. Luckily with goat hide, it is more eco-friendly than most mass produced and farmed cow hide. 

To start the aging process on the bags, natural oils and sunshine is used to seal the leather, making it strong and waterproof. They are then double stitched, lined, and riveted to make each one unique. Why have a bag like everyone else? That's the great thing about these leather bags. No two will ever be the same. Urban Safari knows how to make a well made bag due to their years of craft and technique. This is the perfect accessory to travel with. There's enough space in each and every one of their bags to carry all your essentials. 

I am wearing the Henley Satchel found at this link:

To check out the rest of their gorgeous leather must haves, go to

The majority of this post was shot at the rooftop of the hotel. The rooftop has hosted some extraordinary parties and events as well. It is the perfect place to go to see an amazing view of Memphis and the Mississippi river. This fur trimmed, unique outfit I have on was my great grandmother's that she designed and made herself. I give her credit for being where I get my skills and classic taste from. I love the coat and matching dress. They are also such versatile pieces, I can wear them together or separately.

The reason I paired the bag with this outfit, while also being at this famous hotel, was to set the mood for my inspiration behind it. I believe in telling stories with my outfits. I wanted to give off the vibe that I had just arrived from the airport and wanted to check out the view from the top of the hotel. This is of course set in the 40's with what I had in mind. 

And now, what I really enjoy doing, transporting myself back in time, while enjoying all that The Peabody has to offer. They have the most adorable set up of these telephones against the wall... I couldn't resist.

Lastly, on the top floor sits a ballroom that has seen a lifetime of parties. Even CBS used to film televised events from this room. I of course had to do take advantage of having it to myself.

On my way checking out of my time here, I stopped into the quaint little cafe off to the side of the grand lobby. I was surprised to find intricately designed desserts by one talented chef, with a nice selection of specialty coffees (the way to my heart). Yes, photographs were necessary.

I had a white chocolate mocha, and for dessert, this coffee cup shaped tiramisu, one of my favorite desserts. It was beyond anything I have tasted, the perfect mix of chocolate and coffee. Highly recommended.

Overall, my time at The Peabody Hotel was a tremendous amount of fun. It is a must visit location while in Memphis. It boasts all one's historical needs plus modern amentities. If you want to step back in time and feel glamorous while doing so, this is the hotel for you. To find out more information, head to their website

Happy Holiday's from The Peabody,

~Erin Smith