Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dior's New Look

Inspired by the "New Look" by Christian Dior, I found it to be important to help people understand the origin for most modern fashion. I took it upon myself to dedicate this post to the 68th anniversary of the debut of the "New Look" itself and recreate the look that started it all.

Here is the famous 1947 "New Look" by Christian Dior:

"We were emerging from the period of war, of uniforms, of women-soldiers built like boxers. I drew women-flowers, soft shoulders, fine waists like liana and wide skirts like corolla." -Christian Dior

On February 12, 1947, in Paris, France, Christian Dior released his latest fashions to the press. He was told his looks were so new looking, and soon it caught on as a slogan. Within the following days, the "New Look" by Dior was known globally. Although they may have been such extraordinary looks for the time, they did not come without controversy. Just two years after World War Two, and rationing still in effect, people were outraged at the length of the skirts and the amount of fabric being used. At a decade of strictly knee length skirts, when the hemline was lowered by 30 centimeters, it caused quite the alarm with women around the world. Soon the trend caught on and every celebrity and woman of status had to own a piece of Dior.

  Christian Dior was unhappy working with the standard Stockman mannequins, so with the help of a hammer he took it upon himself to construct his visions on his own. In the words of his dear friend Suzanne Luling, "And so, with big, nervous blows of the hammer, he gave the mannequin forms of the ideal woman for the fashion he was to launch." 

"I wanted my dresses to be 'constructed', molded on the curves of the female body whose contours they would stylize. I accentuated the waist, the volume of the hips, I emphasized the bust. In order to give my models more hold, I had nearly all the fabrics lined with percale or taffeta, renewing a tradition that had long been abandoned." -Christian Dior

(Christian Dior posing with his models in 1950)

Today Christian Dior is still running as one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. After his death in 1957, the fashion world thought that would be the end of an era. But, his legacy still lives on today through his clothing that still demonstrates class, elegance, and beauty. 

Here are some videos that will give a more broad history on Christian Dior himself and the birth of the "New Look". To read more about it, head to http://www.dior.com/couture/en_us/the-house-of-dior/the-story-of-dior/the-new-look-revolution

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Doin' The Jive

I'm bringing swing back with this beautiful 40's reproduction, custom made for me by La Vie en Swing at http://www.lavieenswing.com/. They are a fabulous 30's-50's reproduction company, and I must say, their pieces would be confused for authentic. Using patterns that are even original to the period, their quality and look speaks for itself. Whether you're into the fashion of the era, or do swing dance in your free time, you'll want to add one of these gorgeous creations to your wardrobe. The link to this dress is: http://www.lavieenswing.com/vintage-inspired-reproduction-clothing/dresses/ginger-1940s-vintage-pale-burgundy-dress/.

For this look, I paired my mink hat with a rust colored bow with my mink collar on my coat. 

An added touch for authenticity, my pale pink gloves with hand stitched embroidery. 

The whole photoshoot was done at the famous Roger's Hotel, built in 1912. Roger's has seen many famous faces such as Frank Sinatra, Bonnie and Clyde, Ty Cobb, and Sally Field. 

Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe were definitely being channeled through this shoot. 

Featured in this post are these truly rare Jacques Heim leather heels from my all time favorite vintage store, Bon Ton. Jacques Heim, not as well known as Christian Dior, Chanel, or YSL, was a brilliant designer from France. He designed for those as prominent as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Gloria Swanson, Queen Fabiola of Belgium, Mamie Eisenhower, and even General de Gaulle's wife, Yvonne de Gaulle. In 1932, he invented the two piece bathing suit, which he named the "Atome". Women were then not ready to reveal so much. He then relaunched the two piece in 1946, but weeks later Louis Reard debuted his even smaller two piece, baring the navel, which he named the "bikini". With the death of Jacques Heim in 1967, his fashion house also died, but his legacy lives on. Here are some of Heim's original and extraordinary designs:


(Sketches from 1940)








Inspiration for my title, Glenn Miller's "Doin' The Jive", (along with a cute slideshow of vintage swing dance photos).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

She Wore Blue Velvet

Blue velvet is as timeless and classic as it gets in the world of fashion. Velvet can be traced back to royalty many centuries ago, and is known to be associated with nobility. Sometimes we just want to feel like royalty without paying so much. With http://www.oasap.com/ it's very simple to get access to great pieces at low prices. 

My blue velvet dress (found at this link: http://www.oasap.com/dresses/45605-charming-long-sleeves-velvet-dress.html) comes in all the royal colors you need; blue, green, and red. I of course had to style mine in my most vintage way possible. I wanted it to have a 50's dinner date vibe. It's perfect for any event this season and will be sure to flatter your body, making you stand out among the crowd.

Ruching details can be found on the shoulders and torso giving off a classic look. The little details are what set you apart and make you look more expensive. My vintage inspired strappy heels are from White House Black Market, the best store for black and white lovers. 

Rhinestones are sure to accent any look to perfection. They are a simple accessory but can add a touch of elegance. Victory rolls are also my favorite vintage hairstyle.

My inspiration for this look comes from the always vintage Dita Von Teese, one of the greatest modern, vintage inspired women. On the left, her dress is vintage, worn at Dior Beauty's pre- Golden Globes dinner at Chateau Marmont, and on the right her dress is a custom Dita Von Teese collection dress worn at the launch of her lingerie line, 'Von Follies', at Debenhams.

I leave you off with the inspiration for my title: