About Me

My name is Gwendolyn Erin Smith. This crazy fantasy world I live in all started with a fascination of being able to live back in the old days of glamour and sophistication. I had been infatuated with Old Hollywood films, actresses, and fashion all my life, but only in the past few years I have started to incorporate it into a lifestyle. Once this fascination turned into obsession, I decided to go all out. Obsession turned into passion when I dedicated my blog, The Life and Times of Erin Smith, my career, and my future to be centered around “vintage”. I feel as if I have a deep rooted connection to the 1930’s-1950’s. I also feel that it is my personal duty to help educate people through my blog, and take them back in time through what I wear, detailing the history of it, and explaining its significance. I am a firm believer in preserving history. I tend to do so through owning vintage clothing, and selling vintage clothing and accessories at Gwendolyn’s Golden Eras (gwendolynsgoldeneras.com). It all began with collecting, though others tend to refer to it as hoarding. I just know I am doing my part in saving history from being destroyed in the hands of those who want to get “creative” with it. Aside from my blog and vintage store, I have started Gwendolyn’s, my own line of vintage inspired hats and accessories that will soon be up for sale under my store, which will showcase my ready to wear designs, along with the option of custom orders. You can keep up with me and my adventures through my blog, and my Instagram @thelifeandtimesoferinsmith!

For business or collaborations, contact me at erin.smith707@ymail.com. See my Sponsors page for past collaborations.