Thursday, May 29, 2014

Versace, Versace

Summer has finally arrived and it's all about making a bold statement. My shirt is from Express, leather shorts are from H&M, boots are from Forever 21, belt is Christian Dior, and my bag is a great vintage thrifted find. Whether you're like me and absolutely despise Wal-Mart or are a frequent shopper there, it is a nice surprise to find that their selection of hats isn't too bad. I've gotten 3 different hats from there now under $10 each. I'm all about a good bargain and they have a nice retro glamour look to them.

My inspiration for this look is drawn from my love for classic Versace. I love the prints made to look anything similar to it.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Oh Say Can You See

Happy Memorial Day to those who have fought for our country and families of those too. There are very brave troops out there who defend our country with their own lives every day.

My outfit isn't over the top, but is usually the style of how I'm dressed when I'm out and running around. My top is from Forever 21 and glasses and shoes are from Charlotte Russe. I am not one to wear sneakers when I go out, but I couldn't resist getting quilted sneakers. They have that classic Chanel look to them.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Queen Louis

For the first time ever, I'm wearing neon, courtesy of Fashion Union. Their clothes always have a way of making a look fun and flirty. Perfect to kick off the summer, you lounge in this romper by the pool and pair it with a large tote, or go out for a night on the town. The advantage to wearing hot pink is that you can instantly make yourself look twice as tan. The link to this eye catching playsuit can be found at

I'm a bit of a Louis Vuitton fanatic. I love the luxury look every bag has to it with their leather touches that give them their own unique character. Luckily I have my own way around the luxury price. My answer to every fashion problem is thrift stores. And half the time you will find the vintage bags which give it even more charm. Yes, both my bag and belt are thrifted finds.

I was really pumped (no pun intended) to post this shot of my autographed Steve Madden heels. (Scroll down to see my post of when I met him.) My mom is my fashion photographer for all my shots and this has to be one of my favorites by her.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Born To Be Wild

My style is never very consistent and I like to keep it that way. It ranges from vintage 50's to dark and modern. This style is a lot more easier to wear day to day rather than to an event or a date. I just love this oversized boyfriend biker jacket from Little By Little. You can throw it over almost anything and go. The link to it is here at:

Another piece that I found extremely different and unique are the 3D earrings also from Little By Little. These are the cat earrings found here at:

My complete inspiration for this look was inspired by one of my favorite singers, Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless and from Gossip Girl. Her street style has to be one of the coolest to see.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Having started a new job with a jewelry company, I haven't gotten back into the grove of my blogging ways. I have been looking forward to shooting this skirt for two weeks now. This lovely lace pencil skirt is from one of my favorite online stores. It has the typical vintage vibe that I am always attracted to.

My top is from, which is known more for their beautiful dresses and gowns, but their clothing itself is just as fabulous.

My title was inspired by favorite Marilyn Monroe movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She will always be the best actress and inspiration for me.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Sharp Dressed Girl

Over the the years, the style of pants continues to change. We have switched from baggy to skinny within our trends multiple times. But there is always a nice in between, especially when it comes to business wear. People can tailor their suits to fit them how ever they please, but a nice loose trouser seems to always be acceptable. On women, it gives them a masculine look that they can dress up for work, or even to go out in. My pants are Calvin Klein, my Blazer is Banana Republic, and my halter top is from H&M. And of course, you can't go wrong with a briefcase style, top handle bag, by Louis Vuitton.

Cara Delevingne has risen to the top of the current modeling industry. From her street style, model off duty looks, to her event wear, she is pretty close to perfection in my eyes. My look was inspired by her white Burberry suit. Although, her pants were obviously tailored to fit her.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meeting The King Of Shoes

Last Saturday was a very memorable day for me. Not only did I win Steve Madden heels in a drawing, I got them signed by the one and only Steve Madden himself while having the opportunity to meet him at Belk. I was more overwhelmed than starstruck really. For one, I never win anything because I like to think I don't have the best luck. Two, everything happened so fast I can hardly remember what I even said to him. I tried to cram as much as I could into one sentence because that's all I actually had time to say to Mr. Madden. 

Here are my paparazzi shots of him arriving down the escalator!

 The line to see him took a little over an hour, but it turned into one big party, and I even made some new friends. I also signed up for Belk's store card and I ended up walking out with a free giant gift bad of makeup.

As you can tell by my face in the picture above, I was having a great time. I was even more excited to keep these amazing heels with his signature on the sole. I ended up getting a Steve Madden shirt with his signature on it too, which isn't featured, but I'm sure I'll be wearing it in another post.

The link for these beauties is:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Latino Fashion Week

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Latino Fashion Week, watching some of Dallas' top Latino designers feature their best works. My dress is vintage and thrifted, and I couldn't tell you where it is even from. I had to hand sew most of it to fit me. I always love the classic Old Hollywood glamour look.

Here are some shots with my good friend Jarrod Fresquez, model Torriell Williams, and designer Anthony Muelle of Hueso Outlaw.

Here are my shots of the beautiful pieces shown. 

I had such a lovely time and sure do enjoy a good fashion show.