Sunday, May 25, 2014

Queen Louis

For the first time ever, I'm wearing neon, courtesy of Fashion Union. Their clothes always have a way of making a look fun and flirty. Perfect to kick off the summer, you lounge in this romper by the pool and pair it with a large tote, or go out for a night on the town. The advantage to wearing hot pink is that you can instantly make yourself look twice as tan. The link to this eye catching playsuit can be found at

I'm a bit of a Louis Vuitton fanatic. I love the luxury look every bag has to it with their leather touches that give them their own unique character. Luckily I have my own way around the luxury price. My answer to every fashion problem is thrift stores. And half the time you will find the vintage bags which give it even more charm. Yes, both my bag and belt are thrifted finds.

I was really pumped (no pun intended) to post this shot of my autographed Steve Madden heels. (Scroll down to see my post of when I met him.) My mom is my fashion photographer for all my shots and this has to be one of my favorites by her.