Sunday, December 21, 2014

Emerald City

This post has got to be one of my favorite outfits I have yet to do. It holds a lot of significance for me and this dress has already created some wonderful memories. It is from a beautiful, unlike any other, vintage inspired store, Queen of Heartz at They have the most gorgeous dresses that will transport you back in time. Letty Tennant is the talent behind all the designs you will find. She can transform anyone into a pinup dream with her pieces. 

This particular dress that I'm wearing is the Brenda found at I love the emerald color, which happens to be perfect for the holiday's. With some red lips, you can look completely classic for the vintage look. 

This stunning vintage fur coat is by Jacques Saint Laurent, a great thrifted find.

Featured is this vintage luggage that I am obsessed with. If I were to actually go back in time and travel on this train, this by far would be my travel must haves: my hat box, makeup box, and suitcase for my furs and dresses.

Once again, I am featuring another item from I absolutely love their thigh highs with the lace at the top. Black seems to go with everything, and worked perfectly with this look. The link to them is

This was my first attempt at trying to create victory rolls. It wasn't a complete success or fail. I always like to add my cat eye, red lips, and a lot of mascara. Extenuating your natural features is what I like to do. We live in a world that gets confused as to whether we should be looking completely natural without makeup, or looking completely glamorous like we are red carpet ready. I like to find a balance between those that is a simple routine that I stick with. If we want to feel like a lady, and feel beautiful, there is nothing wrong whatsoever by wearing makeup to make you feel good.

An old Hollywood glamour post wouldn't be complete with white opera gloves. The fit of these is slightly different than what you would usually find. They are very fitted until they get to the top and flare out. I am a big fan of different and one of a kind type pieces from antique stores.