Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Having owned this black lace parasol for so long now, I felt the need to do a cemetery photoshoot. I enjoy drama and telling stories through photos, and that just so happens to be my goal with this. I love vintage suits, and this green gingham one transferred me back to the 40's. I was lucky enough to find it in perfect condition for 10 bucks at a thrift store. Pairing it with black accents seemed to fit perfectly for the look I wanted to go for. 

This cape is from, a great online store for street, vintage, chic, or almost any style you can think of. I loved the old look of it and the buttons on both sides for versatile ways of wearing it. It's a must have for the chilly seasons and is such a timeless piece, I highly doubt it will ever go out of style. The link to it is

My second feature of this post goes to these awesome tights from I love the wide back seam, which you do not see too often. It was the perfect addition to this outfit for needed vintage flair. With a back seam, it can elongate your legs with anything you wear it with. The link to these is:

Of course, I couldn't have done a post like this without some antique edits.

I love old hats with veils attached to them, which also added the dramatic funeral type effect I was going for. Having quite the vintage hat collection, it can be tricky to incorporate them into daily wear sometimes. I have been able to wear this to go out to a play and to dinner so far. Bringing pieces like this back is extremely important to me to be able to show that we can still wear old sophisticated pieces, feel classy, and look our best. Just because it isn't "trendy", doesn't mean it's off limits to us.

My inspiration for this shoot comes from a very unlikely source, Katy Perry. I am not the usual fan, but her music video "Thinking of You" has always been one of my favorite music videos. At the end of the video she wears a beautiful funeral outfit, also toting a black lace parasol. I didn't want to copy her exactly, but it's obvious how inspired I was. 

Here is the music video to see all the gorgeous 40's styled outfits worn by her. The video also has a great story line. Check it out!


  1. I'm soooo in love with your style and this particular outfit!
    You dress exacly how I would do it!

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