Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Green of Grey

Green of Grey (formerly known as La Vie en Swing) and I have collaborated to bring you summer of the 1940's! With the amazing quality and craftsmanship put into each garment, they know custom best. Featured in this post is a three piece ensemble which is perfect for every day wear.

You can buy the pieces separately or all together. This includes a playsuit, blouse, and skirt, which all consist of the same button down style and made to fit your measurements perfectly.

"Made with love for Erin Smith"

They have always been so nice and helpful, making sure that customer service comes first. I am never disappointed with this company. They truly understand vintage fashion and get it right with all of their pieces. They know just how to make you feel special too!

This playsuit is perfect for the vintage girl on the go, and to battle the summer heat. If you're interested in just the romper and the skirt you can find it here: If you prefer the blouse and the skirt alone you can get it here: If you just want the blouse to mix and match then here it is (and it even comes in red):

What I love about this set is that you can move around in it so freely. You can just throw it on and go, making a day at the lake a breeze!

Of course I enjoyed styling this. I wore 1940's inspired sunglasses and all Art Deco jewelry. I even added the touch of the bow this set came wrapped in. It was too pretty, and happened to be a great match.

Later on in the evening I threw the blouse and skirt back on while strolling around. It becomes a completely different look!

Paired with the look is a 1930's handbag from Saks Fifth Avenue. It comes with an adorable matching mirror! The things they used to add to handbags back in the day has nothing on modern purses whatsoever.