Sunday, March 16, 2014

Runnin' Wild

As the debut of my new blog, here is a shoot done at an old train station. My title was drawn from the movie Some Like It Hot, starring the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Being an all time fan of hers, I loved her performance of the song Runnin' Wild, where she is performing on a train in a traveling all girls band. The dress featured is from Little Mistress. I have to say, the dress has a great flowy fit to it, and I love the material. It gave off a vintage, 1940's vibe to me, so I went with it and paired an old wool coat and classic hat of the time period. 

You can find this dress at Little Mistress' website, with their many other fabulous clothes. I just might have to continue to be a fan of their clothing. The link to the dress is

As for the earrings, if you're anything like me and obsessed with designers, these were Prada inspired. If you're also anything like me and don't feel like paying the high dollar price for them either, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing something similar. I paid a total of $6 for them at Image. Shown below is the actual earrings by Prada that I have become infatuated with, which can be found for about $540.