Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thinking Of You

Being a huge fan of Old Hollywood, I decided to go with a retro, post World War II look centered around this dress. I loved the beautiful contrast of the navy blue with white polka dots. Pairing a yellow coat and silver heels kept the vintage vibe with a slight modern twist on it. The link to this wonderful dress by Poppy Lux can be found here http://www.poppylux.com/ps14/coco-dress-navy-off-white.aspx. Their website is stocked full of unique, modern, and statement clothing you would find your favorite celebrity wearing.

What really has inspired me is Katy Perry's music video Thinking Of You. If you haven't watched it, it tells a love story of a widow who's husband got killed in action in the war, so she is forced to try to find love again. Between the fashion in the video and the story, it is all very beautiful. Warning: the video may jerk a tear.

Aside from the music video, the Prada SS12 campaign still continues to inspire me to this day. Especially the hair, which I finally figured out how to accomplish on my own. The key to the vintage look is to curl your hair under on both sides, and to do what I did, create one big pin curl on the top. And of course, I had to find myself those signature Prada inspired sunglasses.