Thursday, March 12, 2015

Samsonite Silhouette

Last week the weather decided to provide me some pearly white snow for this shoot. It was the perfect addition to finish off the winter season with this look! Featured in this post is a suede coat with a mink fur collar, brown leather and tweed gloves, green Samsonite luggage, and a handmade hat, (all vintage, duh).

This location was a historic train station, which fit just nicely with my green luggage. 

My vintage hat is an original by a designer known as Margie Golick. I tried my best to research her and came to nothing. Finding older designers that aren't widely known intrigues me. The more you find out about independent individuals, the more you learn about vintage design all together. It also gives you a sense of luxury knowing you might also have a one of a kind. 

Featured in these vintage ads for Samsonite is my exact luggage set! Founded in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, he named one of his first pieces the "Samson" after the strongman from the Bible. The brand later became known as "Samsonite" in 1941. They were very popular and loved for their strong suitcases that were also lightweight, and came in fun colors and designs.

As beautiful and rare as these pieces are, you can get a very good deal on or Just because they are old doesn't mean you still can't travel with them. They are built strong and have adorable compartments which range depending on which piece you find. The lining on the inside usually matches the outside, adding a touch of old glamour.