Sunday, November 8, 2015

Autumn Window Shopping

I just love fall fashion and the colors that go along with it. The 1940's was a great time for fall colors that were incorporated into clothing. It was a time where bright colors were rationed in the dyes so the less colorful became more popular. 

I have on an authentic 1940's suit and blouse, vintage hat box and hat, and leather bag that was made in England. 

 My special feature are these wonderfully authentic looking clogs by Lotta From Stockholm ( They are perfect for fall and have the exact style of the 40's to match. You can find them at this link

 I spent the day window shopping as you can see!

Shown above are a very special pair of earrings to me. They belonged to a great cousin of mine who's mother I was named after, my first name being Gwendolyn. My cousin's name was Ruth and she was an extremely kind lady. She also had beautiful taste in fashion. She once knitted me a scarf shortly before she passed and I find it so sweet that someone would put so much time and effort into a gift for me. Since she passed she left for me her pearl necklace that I will be featuring in the future, and I was also given her gorgeous pearl collection by my other thoughtful cousins. 

 I had to show off the seam in these stockings, along with their pattern. 

After shopping it was time for a cup of tea and a great lunch at my local cafe, which used to be a JCPenney's back in the day. 

Posed with a new friend of mine, Bridgette. She is from Germany and has such a beautiful accent. She is also the best waitress!