Sunday, January 31, 2016

"For the Girl Who Knows Clothes"

"For the girl who knows clothes..." Today's feature is on a very special label that I only recently discovered. While in Sherman (shown in my last post), I bought this gorgeous three piece navy blue suit by name of "R&K Originals". I was lucky enough to have it fit perfectly, without the need of alterations, and in almost mint condition. It dates back to the late 1940's, early 1950's. 

What makes this suit so special? Well, R&K Originals was founded in 1932 by the R & K Dress Corporation of New York. It's famous store was located right on Broadway. It makes me wonder if my suit could have possibly been purchased from there. Given it's location, you can imagine the success that emerged with the brand. You can still find it today in your department store! There isn't a lot of information about R&K out there, but there are quite a few old advertisements. These first two look very similar to my outfit! 

1954  Dolores Hawkins in dress by R & K Originals:

I tried to find an original photo of the storefront, but it's no where to be found. Just to get an idea of what it was like back then, these photos of Broadway and Times Square from the 1950's accurately depict what it may have been like where the store was located. 

I was very inspired by the first ad you saw above, so I imitated most of what was worn, such as the vintage white gloves, and matching navy blue silk chiffon handbag. 

This 1950's white hand-beaded hat matched perfectly, as well as these vintage pearl earrings passed down to me from my late cousin Ruth. 

My favorite part about this suit would have to be the adorable detachable capelet. The wind helped to show off it's pretty lining. It's very rare to find a three piece vintage suit, and I got lucky. 

"For the girl who knows clothes..."