Tuesday, October 21, 2014


While vintage shopping the other day I came across this dress for two dollars. Not only was that a steal of a deal for such a well made vintage dress, the first thing that came to my mind was TWIGGY. One of my favorite models, Twiggy is such a fun and pretty face that has become so iconic in our world. And I just had to do a look inspired by, and in honor of her.

No matter the era, black and white always works as the classic go to. I have a hard time escaping it, but I have learned there are so many different ways you can incorporate it and change it, that it can possibly almost never look the same. 

As usual, everything featured is vintage, besides the glasses. I just love these straps that go across these flats, which has a slight pointed toe. The great thing about black shoes is that they instantly slim your foot. Of course the trick works for clothes as well, but having nude or black shoes will always make your feet appear thinner and smaller.

Something that really helped me pull the makeup together for this look was this step by step photo demonstration of Twiggy herself doing her signature makeup. Try it out for yourself. It is a very fun look to do for a 60's theme.

A big thank you to the gorgeous and legendary Twiggy for inspiring me!