Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pretty In Plaid

I refuse to continue dressing for Summer even though it is still bikini weather. It's almost Fall anyways, so I am choosing to jump right in. I am obsessed with this blue, white, and brown plaid dress from I love the 1950's style of it and the material feels authentic as well. It also comes in red! You can find it at this link; My sunglasses are also from I love the cat eye style with the mirrored rims. You can find them at They come in six wonderful colors and they are so cheap on sale for $5.50 right now. 

I have been searching for a great petticoat to go under my dresses for the longest time, but I am always disappointed to find how much they cost. This one from only costs $11.00 and it comes in white, red, and black at

The rest of my accessories are vintage. My amazing boyfriend bought me this navy blue 1940's hat to match my navy blue gloves perfectly! I recently fell in love with hat/glove/handbag sets found in old ads such as this one;

I have an old cameo broach pinned on my dress, and my favorite 1950's wicker handbag. 

The shoes featured in this post are my vintage leather Celine heels, featured in previous looks before. 

Wake me up when it's officially Fall!