Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thank God It's Fall

I am officially ushering in fall with a little pop of yellow and a little bit of floral. Just because it's fall, doesn't mean you have to switch your wardrobe to dull and boring. As the leaves change to their beautiful orange, reds, and yellows, I like to emulate the same through my clothing. 

Everything you see in this post is completely vintage, besides my shoes from Scroll down to see the details!

I am so proud of this dress, having bought it for 10 dollars at a Salvation Army in mint condition. This is a 1950's silk dream with beautiful pleats and darts throughout. 

I purchased these gorgeous 1950's porcelain earrings from a local antique store for five dollars for a set of two different kinds. This is also my favorite pearl necklace that I love wearing with all of my vintage clothes, it's just a bit difficult not to.

 The pink hat you see is 1940's and has a array of pretty flowers and netting on the top. 

 Featured in this post are these heels from found at this link: They are perfect to go with 1940's/1950's style outfits. They even come in black and blue!

My broach obsession has increased recently and I will take every opportunity I can to wear one with every outfit. This pink flower just happened to perfectly correlate with my floral theme I had going. 

The brown leather bag is 50's/60's I believe, and the fur I am wearing is vintage rabbit. 

It's not too often you find the original drug store of an old town. It's such a beautiful building and they have an original sign on the side of their building (where the lighting and wall happened to work to my advantage). 

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's fall)