Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stand Back

No matter the season, I just can't seem to escape my love for wearing black with everything. The truth is, this is completely fine as long as you stick to the seasons. This sweater from Fashion Union couldn't have been more perfect and wearable. You can dress it up and dress it down, and it will still look fabulous. It is super soft and has a flair of bling on the shoulders. My inner Coco Chanel was speaking to me to pair the pearls and hat with it. Don't be afraid to wear a sweater throughout the year. If it's lightweight like this, you can even wear shorts with it. You can find the sweater here at I really recommend Fashion Union's site. Trendy and fashionable is simply an understatement with their clothing. 

My title was inspired by Fleetwood Mac's song "Stand Back". I felt the whole Stevie Nicks vibe with my vintage rocker look. Here is her music video: