Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Contouring 101: Make Up Forever - Blogger Event

Last Sunday, after meeting up with the Neon Trees, I headed over to Make Up For Ever to meet up with some fellow blogger friends of mine. My lovely friend Leah Frazier of invited me to take a makeup class on how to properly contour and highlight your face. As my first beauty post on my blog, I was more than happy to join in. It was a nice surprise to hear that Make Up For Ever was actually founded by Louis Vuitton. Also, all their employees are sent to their Paris academy to learn all the ins and outs of their makeup. This somehow makes me want to drop everything and become a makeup artist. If you want to check them out for yourself visit

I thought it was such a great and fun way to learn by applying everything yourself at your own makeup station. The staff was so helpful to find our right shades and getting us started. Having done makeup in the past for high school productions and sending my friends out on a date, I never really knew there was a certain technique behind "contouring and highlighting".

So it goes, whether it's a celebrity on the red carpet, or on the big screen, you will notice that their contouring is done to the shape of an oval. What that means is, it's the one shape all contouring is done to exemplify and show off the correct features on the face. To find the shape your face already is, you want to feel around your bone structure and see what it is that you are. My shape is a heart. So from there I would contour my cheek bones, temples, hair line, and under my chin to create the oval effect.

Everyone's face is different. Some people may even be a mix of two different types of faces. It really is just all about showing off the features you already possess and striving to get to the oval by slimming your face really.

I'm a strong believer in opening your mind to try new things. Once you find your favorite makeup must haves you usually stick with them and don't want to try anything else. But after trying Make Up For Ever's products, I highly recommend giving them a chance. Everything is long lasting and really makes you feel like you're ready to walk the red carpet yourself. Not only was I happy with my contouring, but their liquid eyebrow product, Aqua Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector, transformed the way I thought about how to do eyebrows. Never have I even found a liquid eyebrow product before. Let me tell ya, you won't want to go back to the pencil. It can be found here at this link:

They even have their Aqua Seal Waterproof Liquid Converter which can turn any foundation water proof with just a few drops! To me that sounds like a Summer must have if you're hitting up the beach or pool and want to look glamorous while doing so. Check it out here at:

A big thank you to Leah for having us all join her in the fun and very informative class. I learned a lot and got to try out some amazing products. These ladies are all very kind and made the time enjoyable!