Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Neon Trees VIP Event

While at work on a typical weekday, I listen to the radio while typing away on the computer and dealing with jewelry all day long. To keep me going I listen to 103.7 KVIL, which is always playing in the office. I just happened to have my phone near me at the right time to be caller 10 to win two VIP passes to see Neon Trees at a private show before their concert.

(My mom and I)

I brought along my mom with me, who is my usual designated photographer. Although, I took the shots of the show myself, and I was lucky enough to record a short Q and A with Tyler Glenn (lead singer), and the generous hosts of KVIL who gave me the tickets.

Not featured was a question that I wanted to ask, that was asked by the radio hosts that I have been very curious about. Where did the Neon Trees get their band name from? Tyler answered by saying while in Southern California, they visited an In-and-Out Burger, which was surrounded by lit up palm trees with neon lights. From there came their inspiration. Tyler then referred to themselves as "a fast food band".

 The band performed their biggest hits, "Sleeping With A Friend", "Animal", and "Everybody Talks". In my personal opinion, they are just as good live as they are on the radio. Unfortunately, the rest of the band members were unable to make it, but it did not change the fact they still gave a great private show to us.

(With Tyler Glenn on left, Chris Allen on right)

(With guitarist David Charles)

David was super nice to have a quick chat with before getting bombarded by twelve year olds wanting to take selfies with him. Overall, the show was amazing and very personable. I would definitely recommend going to see them live. 

Here is their music video for "Sleeping With A Friend".